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Delicious food is our passion

Hello.  We would like to introduce ourselves.  We are the faces behind the Piroshki Palace.  Jeremy and Galina.  A little about us. 
  Jeremy retired in 2014 from the U.S. Air Force after 20 years serving on active duty.  He was a vehicle mechanic for most of his career.  And learned many different areas that made it possible for him to build, run and operate the Piroshki Palace.
  Every since Jeremy found out he was retiring, Galina had a dream to start some sort of food establishment.  We wanted to bring the unique food that Galina grew up with in Siberia. 
 Piroshki are very popular along the streets of Eastern
Europe.  They are called many different names but they are basically the same.
During the summer we are at the markets, events and festivals.  Whether you find us at a private party or need catering for your graduation, wedding or celebration of life, we're here to help!  We have many different flavors including traditional and we are always creating new and unique fillings for our piroshki. 
We do more than just piroshki.  If your interested in catering check out our catering menu.  

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